There Comes A Time In Every Man's Life, When He Wakes Up And Wonders... 

"Is This ALL There Is?  There MUST be more to life than this!"

After 7 years slow-traveling the world as a single man (without a wife, a boss, a business, a house, credit cards, insurance or any savings--but having a grand adventure), I'm here to tell you, your hunch is correct:

There's so much more to life–For the man who dares to look behind the curtain, and has the will to act.

My free and very personal video series (for Men only) takes you behind the curtain.
  • Discover the Hidden Lifestyles, Spoils & Privileges of Being An "International Man of Mystery" - I wish someone had shown me this world 20 years ago!
  • Explore the “The Free Man’s Treasure Map” – I will show you my favorite cultures and tell you about their hidden freedoms, wisdom and beautiful women--and the lifestyles you can enjoy.
  • Hear the “Tales of an Ethical Pirate” – How I (and other men) have won our freedom and enjoy the many spoils that await any man willing to fight for and win his freedom.
  • Grab the "3 Taboo Keys to INSTANT Freedom" – There is no one more enslaved than the man who believes he's already free. Your freedom may require slaughtering some sacred cows, and in this video, I'm bringing a hatchet.
  • Honor Codes For The Free Man. The man who rises up and dares to live life on his own terms seems dangerous to the power structure and those who depend on it.  Here's how I break the rules with honor, and navigate new cultures and relations with ease and confidence.
  • Take The "Free Man Challenge." I’ve designed this thing that any man around the world can participate in to Win his freedom. It’s my gift to you. Join me and other men from around the world in this challenge to WIN YOUR FREEDOM (it’s free!) 
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Why this video series?
After 7+ years exploring our beautiful planet, traveling slowly, living simply and enjoying many adventures in far off lands full of fascinating people and beautiful women. 

I want to share my discoveries with men who really want to be free. 
Free with money, free with women, free to travel anywhere, free to relax and do nothing, free to connect with and express yourself to anyone anywhere, free from political correctness bullshit, free from puritanical moral code bullshit, free from police state bullshit, free from subjection to the laws of capricious democracies--free!

Free to live the life you've always wanted to live.

Free to be the man you always wanted to be. 

  • I will share with you my "shortcuts" and my "secrets." The things I wish I'd known myself a few decades ago.
  • I will tell you my raw stories of my personal fight for my freedom, and I will challenge you to get free.
  • I will invite you to participate in challenges I am taking on, and to join me in epic adventures overseas.
Caution: What I have to show you (and what I'm going to challenge you to do) could disrupt your current plans for your life.
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